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The Erin earrings.

These are inspired by my little sweet cousins, Erin.

Erins story:
Erin Farmer is a Sr at Eastland High school and was very active in many things, including sports, softball, track and vollyball with a great outgoing personality!
Erin Farmer, from Eastland, Tx, was in a horrible auto accident that led to her being drug under a vehicle for almost 100 feet while remaining conscious. While it was happening she started praying to God. She knew it was bad and just told God to take her that's what He needed to do. She knew His plans were bigger than hers! She was Care Flighted to a Fort Worth hospital for immediate treatment.
It was a miracle!

He certainly has big plans for her!!

I love this story because of Erins faith and because it shows us that God is BIGGER than our circumstances! 
After the accident she fought hard for 21 days in hospitals and is expected to make a full recovery, minus some scars and screws and rods in her back.
Pretty cool life long testimony!
I'm so proud of her and her story. I know her story will touch countless others. During the most difficult time in her life, she knew her Creator, Father in heaven, was with her. No matter what His great plans were, she knew she could rely on Him to make the best decision for what His plan is in her life.
I will never forget going to see her in the hospital a week after the accident and seeing her with a broken foot, pain in her back and all her discomfort looking back at me with a huge smile on her sweet face!
Through it all, she has been so positive and upbeat. What a precious, sweet little lady she is.