$ 18.00

Keys are a fashion statement. Well, aren't they? They go everywhere we go and they can show off that little bit of sassy, classy no matter what you're actually wearing at the time. 

If it's a cold winter day (like today) and you feel like wearing your warm pants (that are your favorite indoor clothes) but have to run to the store, you will still have that special, "I'll show you my real style right here on my keys!" It will become one of your best friends to have around. I love looking at mine and remembering that no matter how my hair looks today, this is my real style. It goes everywhere I go. It loves me as much as I love it!!

Ok, that may be a little bit over exaggerated, but believe me, not by much. I really do LOVE my key chain and am very happy to have it at the counter with me no matter how I'm dressed. :)


All Honey Pie Jewels are handmade with a durable lightweight resin material.

We know that you want your jewelry as soon as possible so we ship most orders out within 2 business days from ordering! Yay!

MADE TO ORDER. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your TLC jewelry from Honey Pie Jewels.