MEET KATE Posted on 8 Feb 11:20 , 0 comments

Meet Kate. Named after hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans. I found her in a corner of an antique shop painted dark purple with a LARGE hole in her head but somehow still fell in love with her rustic, damaged, beauty. I instantly knew I had to have her. When I took her to the counter to pay for her I found out she was salvaged from the aftermath of the hurricane that hit New Orleans. Katrina. Wow! What's not to love.

I took her home and polished her up and now she poses for the camera like a pro! You will probably be seeing a lot of Kate because she happens to be one of my biggest fans. Haha 

I hope you can see the beauty that I see in her.

HONEY PIE JEWELS LAUNCH DATE SET!! FERUARY 11! Posted on 3 Feb 19:08 , 0 comments

LAUNCH DATE is set for all the goodness of Honey Pie Jewels collections!

What does this mean?

It means that on February 11 the jewelry collections will be available on website to see and purchase. I am beyond excited to show you everything I've been working on.

I have GIVEAWAYS on Honey Pie Jewels Facebook wall to so we can celebrate! YAY!!

I also have coupon codes that I will be sending out to anyone that signs up for Honey Pie Jewels email. This is where you can get the latest news updates, upcoming events, new collection launches, coupon codes, and GIVEAWAY information!

Launch already...... Posted on 22 Feb 16:06 , 0 comments

Just some words from my heart....

I've been working on this new line since last Spring and so you can imagine why this might be exciting sharing with you a launch coming soon! I mean I've been working at least 10 months on the designs and process to move this forward with, what I think, is the best it can be. Day and night......night and day is not an exaggeration. I can also add that it has been just as wonderful as it has been frustrating at times. In the end, I'm beyond excited about the end result of this new collection of Honey Pie Jewels.

I really believe in making a great product that I think you will love as much as I do. I also believe that if I'm going to put time and effort into something, it better be the BEST it can be! I think your pretty amazing so, I really want to make an amazing product to help show you off! This is why it's taking so long to get to the point of launching.

I can't wait to share everything I've been working on with you, finally.